As UCF's largest Homecoming tradition, Spirit Splash sees thousands of students storm the Reflecting Pond with hopes of catching a coveted rubber duck.  For 2019, I was responsible for creating the event's promotional campaign which included posters, tank-tops, animations, event badges, and more.​​​​​​​
Below are the four elements that I created for Spirit Splash's marketing; a looping animation that advertises the event details, a tank-top that was handed out to thousands of attendees, a cloth simulation that teases this collectible shirt (which, fun fact, took a week to render), and a poster to be spread around campus.
The campaign itself was built around Memphis design; hugely popular in the 80's, Memphis places heavy emphasis on bold shapes, cool colors, and simple patterns.  Each graphic from this campaign (Spirit Splash is one of many) is meant to reflect this fun and inviting feeling without being too aggressive and overbearing.  
Below is a progression of the graphic from its initial mood board (left), various proofs (middle), and final poster (right).
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