Mysterio Rising is fan-art for the film Spider-Man: Far From Home.  As a huge fan of the franchise, I wanted to make a poster that could be handed out at an actual screening of the film.  It's not meant to be framed and treated carefully, but rather colored-in and drawn over.  This way, it's treated more like an activity than a fine-print as it would likely be damaged while watching the film.
After my initial thumbnail sketch, I knew exactly what the poster would look like; I wanted Mysterio, the film's magical villain, to be a large and imposing assailant over a dwarfed Spider-Man.  The exact placement and angle of each object changed slightly throughout the development however this underlying concept remained the same.
I knew from the beginning that the environment would wrap around Mysterio, and I also knew that this task would be incredibly difficult without photo reference.  Because of this, I decided to 3D model a rough square mile of downtown London (which is a major set piece in the film) and, using various modifiers and effects, I would curve the buildings to line-up exactly as a needed them to.  From here, I could simply draw over the buildings knowing that this complex perspective would be accurate.
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