By completing various challenges in Madden 20, players can open packs that grant them random in-game items.  And to demonstrate what these packs could look like, I created this proof-of-concept animation; I designed, modeled, textured, lit, and rendered every inch of this project to show what the front-end experience would be like.
And, for reference, this whole project was completed over the span of a weekend (including a 20+ hour render).

These two animations (above) are the looping GIF's found in the animation of the 3D pack.  They were broken into individual frames and rendered in the diffuse channel as an image sequence rather than one stagnant PNG. 
I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use a particular photo of the Miami Dolphin's QB Ryan Tannehill however this photo's background was too cluttered and wouldn't work well for a parallax animation.  So instead of scouring the internet for a passable background photo, I decided to take the exact photo that I wanted in Madden 2020.
I loaded a Dolphin's home game and waited for the right moment to take screenshot, removed the excess elements, color corrected it, then added the photo of Tannehill.
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