In November 2018, comedian Joel McHale performed at the UCF Homecoming Comedy Knight and I was responsible for the show's graphics.  Below is my work for this event and some of my team's work on the rest of the Homecoming campaign.
To get the stamp effect, I laser cut the Homecoming 2018 logo designed by Ayhan Konar (left), rolled it into paint (middle), and pressed it onto paper and scanned it (right).  This process resulted in a more genuine texture and pooling of the paint than would be possible by simply running textures and effects over the graphic.
Below are various graphics for the rest of the UCF Homecoming 2018 campaign.  Each graphic was given the same mood board and basic ingredients but were encouraged to find their own niche and way of interpreting the theme.
Countdown GIFs - Ava Buric
Knights Got Talent - Ava Buric
Spirit Splash - Bradley Sinanan
Fireworks Festival - Andrew Allen
Ticket Distribution - Marcela Londono
Events Schedule - Marcela Londono
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