One of my first projects with Limbitless, a tech-startup in Orlando, FL, was to create icons for their bionic arm system. These icons would be used in their website's UI for easier navigation.
When delivering these icons, I also created some Rembrandt-inspired renders of their arm models to help illustrate the tone that these icons were designed for.
This is a screenshot of the final implementation of the icons into our website.  The user is encouraged to freely rotate the arm but if they get disoriented then they can click on an icon and reset the position.
You may have noticed that this particular arm looks... familiar.  That's because we teamed up with 343 Industries (the developers of the Halo series) to produce arms based on their main character: Master Chief.  Many, many news outlets picked up on this story and shared this screenshot, unknowingly showcasing a small snippet of my work.
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