Aliens (1986) ends with a nuclear explosion that destroys most of Hadley's Hope (the facility in which the film takes place).  With Aliens: 400 Post, I wanted to explore the damage that this facility's technology would have experienced; after such a cataclysmic event, any surviving technology would be heavily distorted or destroyed outright.  
Below is a collection of behind-the-scenes work that demonstrates how I created the rotting interfaces; by first creating clean, vector graphics in Illustrator, I then displayed them on a slideshow which was daisychainned through a VCR.  This VCR was heavily damaged and would produce unpredictable glitch effects, so I would then take photographs of the screen.  This created a genuine distortion and pixelation of the interfaces that simply cannot be achieved with presets from Photoshop or After Effects.
I also modeled a computer scene to display these images, however this idea didn't work very well.  It just felt cheesy.
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